Friday, September 11, 2009

Lola is a "stander"

She has finally gained a burning desire to stand up. She is pulling herself up to standing, next to me, couches, toys, etc. Here are some examples below. Walking is knocking and I am not sure I want to open the door. But it is coming whether I want it or not. Can't Lola stay little forever?!

As you can tell, Lola makes awesome faces!


  1. Isn't crazy how fast they figure stuff out. Anneli's youngest Madi was crawling when I left and then 4 weeks later Anneli sent me a video of her walking. CRAZY!

  2. Yeah for Lola! PS I love that crib.

  3. I just love that shot of her in the crib. Priceless. Love the new header too!


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