Thursday, September 10, 2009

i used to be a blogger...

... apparently I fell off the wagon for the last week. It has been busy. This weekend I headed down to Payson for Onion Days and stayed an extra day to jar salsa with my mommy dearest. It was a great weekend. Here are a few pics to document it.

Jordi the gimp

Lola LOVED the parade and was so loud when one of the royalty floats came by that the girl waved to her directly and blew her a kiss. She must've thought she was a princess up there!
Lou and I
Nic and Jordi
My bad pic of my dad's float and the eagle mascot is RoLee ha ha He loved it!
My dad handing out fliers like the hard worker he is!

Cosmo, that is for RoLee and Ryker oh and Jordi, she screamed so loud for him!
We had a lot of fun and I even went and got a "Texas Twister" lemonade at the carnival. It was $6 bones and when the nice man told me that, the first thing out of my mouth was, "that's steep!" I didn't even think before I said it and he replied, "but its worth it". Well it better be sir, because I was planning on putting a few bucks in the jar for the sweet girl with leukemia but your expensive lemonade robbed me of all my cash.

The booths were lacking. I should have done a Daris Day booth. But that takes a lot of time and money and I am a one-woman-show. So I don't know if the "craft fairs" are ever going to happen for this lady. If anyone ever wants to host a party though, I am more than game!!! LOVE THOSE!!!

Our salsa turned out fabulous!! I brought some in for my co-workers to try and they loved it. My mom and I were pretty proud. What a great extended-weekend!!


  1. I saw the car care float in the parade but didn't see your dad! He must have been on the other side of the road. The Texas Twisters are so expensive!! Love the parade pictures!

  2. How cute!! We are going up to Brigham this weekend for Peach Days...gotta love the small-town celebrations!! (Okay, I'm just excited to eat a mfing funnel cake!)

  3. Lucky! I want some salsa right now!! I am pretty much obsessed with salsa and need to make my own and jar it as well. That's awesome that your mom does that with you. What a great bonding activity :)

  4. Freak. I love home made salsa almost more than life itself. Lit'rally. That's great! I also enjoy the small town celebrations a whole heck of a lot. Wonderful. Simply wonderful.

  5. Don't even worry, we were totally across the street at Central Bank. Too bad I didn't know you came down. I would have totally come over to say hello!

  6. Yeah, I was a little disappointed in Onion Days this year..not many booths! Man, I'm glad I sent my mom over to get my Texas Twister while I watched the kids...I probably wouldn't have had one if I knew how much they were! I'm jealous of your salsa, I really want some!

  7. You should do craft fairs! I'm not even kidding! They're pretty fun and you could make a little extra dough. I would LOVE to help you do it. I used to do them all the time for my old job. And I'm totally free for hire. Let me know by text, phone call, fb!


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