Wednesday, August 26, 2009


I have marked down a bunch of items in the Etsy store, I also lowered my shipping and added international shipping!! So check it out. The best part is...

In honor of Lola's upcoming Birthday, for the next week, I have lowered the price of my newest and most favorite item!!

It is normally priced at $18 (and may change to $20 soon) but this week it is only $15 !!! The best part is, if you would like a custom color that won't cost you extra. I just had someone order it in a cute plum color for fall. For fabric I have white or yellow (no pattern), pink, brown & cream (with small patterns), and cream with a green bigger pattern, currently in stock (I can email you the fabric options as well) unless you want a custom color. You also have the option of adding a 3rd small flower on the opposite side.

So take advantage of this sale!! If this does well I will start doing weekly specials more often :)


  1. HOORAY for this headband. I absolutely love it!!!! I can't wait to get mine. Would you prefer I order it through the Etsy shoppe or shall I just get it from you/pay you for it the next time I see you? I'll do either or.:)

  2. I LOVE it! so cute! plus, i thought id let you know that every time i wear one of my headbands i get so many compliments! I need more of you cards to give out! I gave them all away...

  3. your little Lola is too cute! and she's lucky to have parents that will show her goodies like the kills ;)

  4. Damn! Is it still on sale? I want one in YELLOW! HOLLA! SO freaking cute!


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