Thursday, August 20, 2009

happy birthday love!

Chris's birthday was on Monday and of course we both had to work. But I did take him, and his buds at work, some cupcakes {princess ones}. He had opened his gifts the night before so after work we went to eat at El Matador in Ogden with some friends. It was a great time. Then some of the kids came to our house after to hang out and watch movies. Lola was at Granny and Papa's while we went to dinner, she had a great time too!

Here are some pics from dinner.
Our server was a riot and as you can tell, she loved Chris... I think she was trying to steal him from me ha ha

Everyone minus me {the photographer}

This one didn't work out so well but it has a great story behind it... Right after this pic was taken. A rather strange/drunk man approached us, namely Ian. He asked if he was from Russia and if he was a skateboarder and said he knew him from somewhere. He then asked Ian to step out of the group and come talk to him. At one point we think the man said, "Keep rockin in the free world...". We are not sure though, seeing as how he wasn't really speaking in complete sentences. Poor Ian kept saying how he hadn't lived here all summer and he has been unemployed for a while so he doesn't have money to give him, etc, etc. Finally I said we needed to leave and we left without getting a legit "family picture". It was very entertaining.

I just wanted to give Chris a belated Birthday shout out and tell him how grateful Lola and I are for him. We couldn't love him more! He is a great husband and father and does everything he can to make us two girls happy and entertained. He tells us frequently how beautiful we are and how much he loves us. {you can never hear those things too much}

So HAPPY 25th BIRTHDAY!!! {maybe I robbed the cradle, just a little}

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