Thursday, July 9, 2009

My new motto...

This girl is too cute! I found this pic online.

I was just commenting on my friend Rachel's blog, where she was complaining about people saying to her,

"I look like I'm wearing their dead grandma's clothes, or wondering if I rummaged through DI's dumpsters".
{Mind you she always looks cute and even sews some of her own things.} So I told her,

"Being different is always better. I work in damn Farr West, UT, you bet I get snide comments about my clothes/jewelry/head accessories on a daily basis and you know what??

I wouldn't have it any other way. I would rather dare to go out on a limb than sit on the ground staring up at the tree, pointing and laughing, with all the other boring/bland sheep..."

{pardon the french but it drives me nuts how people can't keep their not-so-nice comments to themselves}

Since when has being original or having a sense of style become a crime? I always laugh and go along with what they say because in my head I am thinking, "if you only had a clue...". It does get old, but I wouldn't ever stop dressing in a way that is fun and makes me feel cute :)

Have you guys had any similar experiences? OR Do you have people in your lives that say not-so-nice/inappropriate things to you?

I hope Rachel doesn't mind me quoting her on my lil blog here. Thanks Rach, you got me thinking.


  1. I give this post a big thumbs! Some people just DO NOT get it. You and Rachel both dress adorably!

  2. Good for you! Way to speak the truth. I think we all get too caught up in what people might think about us and the way we dress. I have become a t shirt and jeans kind of mom, but that doesn't mean that I am boring or don't take care of myself.
    This is America where we have the freedom to choose and it is nobodys damn business what we wear, it is what is underneath that matters!

    (Pardon my french! I got caught up in the moment) :)

  3. Yes I do and I slam them right back.

  4. I hear ya! Great post! Just so you know...everytime you post a picture of your cute self on here I think..."man she's such a fashionista, I wish I could pull off her cute styles!" I thankfully haven't had anyone criticize my style (which albeit is somewhat bland), but if they did, I would probably want to Chuck Norris them in the face!

  5. Oh Dari, you just totally cheered me up!! Thank you for your words of wisdom~You're awesome!!

  6. I like this post! You always have great thoughts!

  7. I wish I could go out on a limb and be brave and try new things with my wardrobe. I just don't have it in me. I'm always super jealous of people who can!

  8. I love your look Dari!!! You are such a cute girl! I love how your inner personality shows your outer style! You go GiRl ~ people who say things like that are jealous and have no sense of life adventure! Plus, Lola has a great fashion icon to learn a great lesson from! Love ya lots!

  9. Be different! That is important. :) Dari, you always look awesome.

  10. My mom-in-law is always making "Hmmm...that's an interesting shirt" type comments to me. I just laugh and shrug it off. I'm totally for having your own sense of style.

  11. Dude, I wish I had half your style. I think you always look so cute whether it be your cute shirt, headband, or shoes......

  12. You are so stylish (remember how my dad said that you are??)!! I really want to order a headband from you but I can't decide which one I want!!

  13. Oh wow! I'm a boring person but always wishing to be bold. My style includes flip flops, jeans and a t-shirt. I just don't have the gift you have. I've even had the same hair style since the 4th grade. I'd take style classes from you any day.


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