Monday, June 1, 2009

Music Monday

How about some electronica fun!?

OK here is the band "Cut Copy" with the song, "So Haunted", off the 2008 album "In Ghost Colours". This band is from Australia and they are a lot of fun! The whole album is great, I just happened to pick this song because it tickled my fancy today. Listen in for a minute to get to the really good stuff!
Again, if you guys have any genres you want me to pick from for the next week, let me know!


So get out your dancing shoes and have yourself a little dance party. I know me and Lola do fairly often, it makes your day a little better. Chris has the best moves when he is home though ;)

P.S. Coming soon... details on a Daris Day Shoppe headband party in Utah County!!!!

Who's in?!?!

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