Monday, May 18, 2009


Today I have a lovely little goodie for you! If you have ever liked "Sunny Day Real Estate" or "The Fire Theft", it was probably because of Jeremy Enigt. This guy has an AMAZING voice, he was the front man for both bands. I have loved all of the music that comes from this man and the band members around him.

Well this week he just came out with his 3rd solo album, called "OK Bear". The song I have heard so far is, "Mind Ideas". I love it! I am going home to buy the album off itunes TONIGHT!!! I apologize that there is no music video for this song yet, so here he is live, {probably recorded from some dude's cell phone} but the sound quality is pretty good. Jeremy has such a sweet, pure voice and I always feel so happy and peaceful when I hear his music. I hope you likey... if you do, go buy his new CD "OK Bear"and his OLD ONE, "World Waits" too!!!

Oohh I get chills..... :)

*pause the player on the side*


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  1. Ah!! Sunny Day Real Estate! I have not listened to his stuff forever! Thank you for this. I am excited to go download the new stuff as well.



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