Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Lola's slideshow

I had to steal this from my friend Monica, she has been babysitting Lola since I came back to work when Lola was 8 weeks old {sucky I know...} Well she has had a work opportunity come up that she couldn't pass on, so she is not watching her anymore. But on her blog she did a little tribute to Lola :) Here it is.

P.S. My aunt is currently watching Lola but is having a baby in the fall, if you want to babysit after that... let me know ;)

P.P.S. Thanks to Anna for suggesting THIS SITE for a vintage-looking swimsuit. I found one I LOVE and am so excited to get!!!


  1. I love those swimming suits! I might have to get me one! I love the pics of Lola with Daisy..So cute!

  2. I have been into the vintage suits for a few years now...they are so cute (and are so hot with big glasses and a gaudy, vintage, floral swimcap...and yes, I totally do the whole she-bang).

  3. Ok, all together now "Awwwwwwwww!"

    Um, I wanna babysit!

  4. What suit did you end up getting? The one I have is the white with cherry's one piece. Cute slideshow!

  5. oh and I also have the two piece in red. Very cute!


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