Monday, January 12, 2009

My talents- chopping my hair and making babies

First of all, I chopped my hair.
I know, you didn't think it could get much shorter...
in the words of my BFF Kristi, "Wait, I thought it was already chopped?". This was her response when I told her I was "chopping it". ha ha
But alas my friends, it can get shorter and that it did!

This second pic is to show off the headband I made this weekend. I have been trying to be more "crafty". I think it is working out so far. {?}
Here are the headbands I made this weekend!! I love them. I wore the pheasant feather one on Saturday night out to eat.... ok and to church on Sunday and I got so many compliments. I was very excited for my work of art!!
In other news... Lola wore her first pair of jeans this weekend and man, was it cute. This girl just keeps getting cuter every stinkin day! Look at that little side smile she has in that pic. I could just eat her up!

My friend Amanda posted {on her blog} a picture of the baby she made with pics of her and her hubby, HERE.

Then she challenged everyone else to make theirs on the above website and post them. But she said we'd better make ugly babies as well, since theirs was pretty scary looking. So I went to the website and made one... sure enough it was pretty ugly, so I decided to post it and challenge you guys to do the same thing. This baby would be cute if his nose wasn't half of his face... But all babies are cute right? {I know Rach will disagree ha ha}


  1. Your hair is to die for!!! I love it sooooo much!! And your headbands, look at you lil miss crafty, I love it. And Lola in her tiny jeans, she looks so grown up, she is so dang cute!

    PS. You and Chris made a WAY cuter baby in real life than the one the computer created, phew.

  2. Oh my goodness you are SO crafty! Those look sooo good!! And Lola is cute with her side smile! I love when babies personalities are bloomed and hers looks like its in full swing!!

    And those babies are scary! I will have to go do that when I have time, but Im scared!! hahahaha

  3. Alright, so the title of this blog made my heart stop...I thought you had made another baby! You are super crafty...I'm jealous!!! Jeans? My 16 year old brother still refuses to wear jeans haha

  4. Love, love, love the hair!! I wish I was brave enough to go that short! You wear it well, and yes, Lola looks amazingly cute in those jeans! BTW, I saw a segment on Good Things Utah today about hair flowers and thought of you! Just thought I would throw that out there!

  5. It seems like the majority of my female friends style hair (including Jen, my wife). That being said, I have seen my fair share of hair, and if you really cut your own, it looks pretty good. Slay on.

  6. I LOVE the headbands! You need to post a "craft recipe" for those! I have one feather headband and I love it, and would love more like yours! Where did you get the feathers?

  7. I just have to say that your hair looks adorable! It's in true fashion to CHOP your hair after a baby! Your such a little Martha! I love it!

  8. You are always so creative. I wish I could pull off your style.

    Lola is one beautiful baby.

  9. I like the haircut, You look good with short hair!

  10. My baby was a monster! Yours is pretty cute (at least next to mine...) And Lola's smile in that pants picture is to die for. I love cute babies in cute pants.

  11. L.O.V.E. your hair! You always look so fashionably well kept! Lola is getting big and is beautiful as ever!


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