Monday, January 26, 2009


Sorry for the lack of posts....
  • I have started my new job(s)... yes they have me working in 2 different dept's talk about learning a lot and being stressed!

  • Working in a place where internet use is conditional upon how busy my phone is... it varies

  • Not too much going on but hanging out with my cute hubby and little lady

  • I kinda forgot about this bloggeroo for a quick minute

A fun thing that Lola and I did last week though, was meet up with my dear madre and go to lunch at the Cheesecake Factory and go shopping at Nordstrom!! I had Nordstrom notes and a samll gift card to use {thanks to those of you that signed up for Shop It To Me, if you haven't signed up, see the post below, its AWESOME!} We had a great day and to add to the fun Lola had a blow out while my mom and I were trying on clothes so I ran over to the baby dept and bought her a cute CLEARANCE onesie {and a binky and binky clip, for good measure} I did resist buying her the Ed Hardy velour jumpsuit... it was hard.

This weekend was pretty mellow but we did hang out with Chris's parents and eat gluten-free pizza from Pier 49. May the heavens above bless Pier 49 for allowing my hubby to eat pizza without feeling sick and breaking out in a rash {dang celiacs!}

Also I worked my first Saturday in 4 years or so.... NOT COOL. I am hoping to get out of those ASAP. The good new is, I am doing something that makes the time go by oober fast and I work with nice people. So for now I need to just suck it up.

Sorry for the semi-boring post... here is a pic of the cutest lady ever!

Sometimes she holds her own bottle!! This time she was holding her blankie and her bottle. She is getting big too fast. She loves to grab things now and she eats like a little piggie, including rice cereal. She seems to enjoy it!

Lola and her cute friend Lucy. They are just shy of a year apart. Lucy was trying to feed Lola her bottle. Soo cute! That was a fun night with Chris, Tami, and Lucy!


  1. I too would have had the hardest time not buying Ed Hardy! I can't believe how old Lola is. It feels like just yesterday we were at Skyline with you being pregnant.

  2. She's getting so big! It's crazy!

    We need to hang out bad. It's been too long...

  3. I loveeeeeeeeee your lil babe! She's a BABE!

  4. Love that picture of Lola holding her bottle! Such a big girl!


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