Friday, December 5, 2008

It's Nic's Day and then some

For those of you that don't know her... this is my FAVORITE {and only} lil sis, Nicole. Well, today is her 23rd Birthday!!! I wish I could be down there with her to celebrate! But I live way too far North for my liking and she has plans with her fun friends anyway. Here are a few fun and random facts about NIC.

  • She has CUTE cute bangs

  • She can make some "mad" funny faces! {sorry for posting this, but have some pride in your "scary faces" ability!!}

  • She is beautiful and stylish
  • She is very clean and organized!

  • I have mentioned this before, but she used to love to give me piggy back rides... mind you, I have always been bigger than her.
  • She is a bear in the morning... {not that that is cool or anything, more funny and just a fact.}

  • She is the best dental assistant around
  • She loves her some Pearl Jam and James Taylor

  • She's the life of the party{notice the girl dressed as Penelope!! Best costumer ever}
  • She always harasses me while we are kneeling down for family prayer at my parents house... We sit next to each other at the dinner table. haha

  • Her second job is being a "muumuu" model! Nuff said.

  • She has some great guy friends and they are wrapped around her little pinky. They all look out for her and love her.
  • She is probably my favorite person to hang out with {for real}

  • She has a season pass to Disneyland {jealous much? I know I am}
  • She is a great aunt, even when Lola "misbehaves" while she is around ;)

{you didn't think you would get a post without Lola did you? She's on her way to the babysitter in this pic}

  • She is my sister and I love her and I'm glad that we are sisters forever!


On a different note: Check out this cute new headband of Lola's. Isn't it the cutest thing ever?! Go here to get one or something like it. Plus they are made locally. If you don't already shop on Etsy, check it out, you will love it!


  1. Yay Nicole! She is the coolest.

    Lola's growing up sooo fast--at least it seems that way from the pics you post.

  2. oh*my family resemblance! so fun. happy birth to her!

    lola's headband: gorg.

  3. aww happy birthday to nicole! she is one awesome girl!!!

    and of course lola's headband is so cute and stylish!! I love it!

  4. You have such a cute sister. And such a cute baby! Happy Birthday Nicole.

  5. I wish my sister loved me this much! Ha Ha. So cute, and yes I LOVE that headband and all that Etsy has to offer. :)

  6. So LUCKY to have a cute fun sister (just a little jealousy cause I don't have one). Love that headband! You always have Lola fixed up so cute!

  7. She's a BABE! I've always L.O.V.E.D that lil sista of yours... and what a darling sis are you! How sweet!

  8. I LOVE YOU!! I didn't know you posted this! Thank you so much!! I love the fun facts about me. You are telling people my secrets. I love you two sis! I was just talking about you with Amy and saying I love to hang out with you and make you laugh! We have so much fun together I love you so so much!

  9. by two I meant too. oops Oh and I again I love you. I like Lola's headband too!

  10. Oh I just love that Nichole too! We need to all get together real soon!

  11. you get a lot of comments. But you post really cute blogs! And I love the music, stuff I hadn't heard of before. :) keep blogging


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