Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Black Friday...

The day after Thanksgiving I go shopping with my mom, sis, grandma, aunts, and sometimes cousins too. So this year, as usual, we started out at the BYU bookstore and spent WAY TOO LONG there... then we headed to Zuppa's for lunch. Something I really miss living in Clearfield!

After lunch my mom, sis, Lola, and I went to the mall and did more shopping at Nordstrom... then Nicole left.... then Mom, Lola, and I did more shopping... a lot more!!! My mom would think I was dumb for saying this but we FINALLY got her her 1st pair of designer jeans!!! I was there to help her every step of the way. {You ladies know how buying jeans goes~} We found a wonderful pair for her and I happen to have the same pair, so we are twinners! Lola was such a fabulous shopping partner. She was happy, ate, slept, was adorable, ate, slept, and hung out! Next year will be harder, I am sure of that. I will take the good behavior while I can get it ;)

The rest of the weekend Lola and I camped out at my parents. Chris was going to join us but he got sick again so he stayed home to recoup while we stayed at my parents in the sick-free zone!! Some other things we did while in happy valley were:
  • Saw 4 Christmases with the family... way funny.... {a little bit of crude humor for the younger folk}
  • Ate Mi Rancherito
  • Went to Sam's Club... I love Sam's club/Costco ha ha
  • Ate a wonderful Sunday dinner
  • Saw Ryk dog pass the sacrament for the FIRST TIME!!!
  • Watched lots of Hallmark Channel Christmas movies
  • Watched ELF with the family... LOVE that movie!
  • Enjoyed 4 uninterrupted days with my little princess {that's my fav thing}

I hope you all had a wonderful Holiday weekend!!!

Some of the beautiful ladies in my life {L to R} Mom, Heather, Cheralyn, Lola, Nicole, and Grandma @ Zuppa's

The camera on a table so I could be in it... pretty huh?

Lola and I @ Zuppa's

This was on Thanskgiving... Chris bought her this suit forever ago and INSISTED we put it on her after her tubby time.... its still a little BIG tee hee

Daddy giving Lolita a "grumby", if you know him well, he has probably given you one of these {my apologies}


  1. I'm impressed she did so well shopping! What a fun day...I love shopping with my mom. I love to eat too, I don't know what this Zuppa's is but I'm intrigued.

    P.S. I love that picture at the top of your blog!! Your wall is decorated really cute...Again, I say I wish I had that creative interior designer touch.

  2. I am so jealous you had such a fun weekend! That sounds like a DREAM! Lola looks so cute in that swim suit...she will have so much fun swimming this summer!!

  3. Im glad you had such a good weekend!! I miss your family :) They are the best!!!

    Lola is gettin so big!! She is just so cute!!

  4. CHEERS to black Friday! How fun is it, right! YAY this year I was in VEGAS BABY yeahoooooooo... left a little before midnight and did't come home til 12 hours later... Ashlee and Scott were with us too... he's quite the trooper. ok, I'm loveing your header pic.. hello hottie family! HAPPY HOLIDAYS! Tell Nicole hello!!!

  5. Hi Dari, I'm trying to learn how to leave comments. Sorry I didn't get to hi on Sunday but Lola is soooo cute and just growing. The neighborhood girls are growng to!!! CHRISTIE

  6. Crazy! I was working at Nordstroms Friday. And I swear I saw your mom. It was from a ways a way so I didn't go say hi (plus I couldn't really leave my counter). I had no idea that you were there too. Dang it.

  7. My mom left you a comment! You should feel oh so honored! I love the picture of Lola in her swimsuit. Such a cutie. This year I convinced my mom to go shopping on Black Friday and I don't think she will ever do it again!


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