Thursday, November 13, 2008

Ali and friends

This last week my friend Ali was in town from Florida!!! She used to live here but moved home and has been gone for 9 months now... crazy. So it was a treat to have her here and pick up where we left off!!

These pics are from last Friday when Ali, Rachel, Lily {Rachel's baby}, Lola, and I went to dinner at Happy Sumo and then went back to Rachel's and played and goofed off {OBVIOUSLY} and had lots of silly girl talk. I love me some fun times with my girlfriends! I also got to meet Ali's new "boo", Spencer and he is a heart-melter, the kind of lil guy you wanna put in your pocket and carry around with you ha ha

{These pics were after we put the babies to bed!}
I had to show all of these so you could see the progression of silliness...

No smile from Rachel...

We got a little bit of a smile from Rachel...

A smile but also Ali fake-cupping Rachel's boob, blindly, since that is not where her boob is ha ha

Last but certainly not least, the ultimate silliness.... if you only knew!

We were all able to go out on Monday night to PF Changs and the Gateway!! No pics, sadly. So Ali, Rachel {and Spencer} thanks for a fun time while cute lil Ali was in town. I'll miss you all!!!


  1. I'm so jealous, I seriously am wanting sushi so bad lately! And I really need a good laugh, its been a week from hell at work.

    Thanks for the recommendation the photographer. I may have to do it...I don't know what will be harder getting the dogs to cooperate or to get Daren to agree to this. But I'm determined to make my house cute!

  2. Ali looks sooo dang cute!! She always has the cutest bangs!

  3. Friends are the best :) Im glad you guys had a good time!!

  4. We had so much fun!! I wish Ali was here so we could party more often!


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