Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Smelly's Day, Chris' Birthday, etc

Well this weekend was Kelly's aka Smelly's wedding. She has a huge fam and so does her new hubs so the friends didn't go to the temple or anything. But we did get to go to the reception which was in a nice backyard and everything was cute and casual. A very fun time :) Congrats Kelly Anderson... yes her last name is still Anderson HA HA That is so funny to me! After the reception we went to dinner with some friends to Red Robin for Chris' Birthday and then went and hung out at Ryan and Ashley's house afterwards. Thanks for buying our dinner Josh!!!

This weekend Chris also had the opportunity to go to Raging Waters with his friends for his Birthday. They almost got kicked out of there too... what is it with Chris and being rebellious at water parks?? My parents, Chris' parents, and me all pitched in and got Chris Rock Band! We have been playing it constantly since. We are glad to finally have our own and we currently have a band named something Pixelface.... ya the game named us. But we are doing great and are now touring overseas. I must say... rarely do our scores get below a 98% for each of us. Ok we are playing on Medium but we will progress to the constant Hard level soon enough. Maybe we like getting 100% every few songs... ha ha

Lastly in baby news... we have the baby room pretty much cleared out now. Chris' dad and his friend surprised us and put up the crib while we were on our way home from work. We sold both the things we listed on KSL ( I love you KSL) and I have been working on other little nursery projects until we do the big haul this Friday- painting, bead boarding and finishing her up!! We went to Home Depot last night and bought all the supplies. Such a great deal... I am quite pleased in our nursery budgeting skills!! Here are some pics of our progress :)

I framed the wall hangings. Michael's was having a sidewalk sale and everything was marked down!! (and the crib not put together yet)

But wait, the crib is put together now and I can't wait til after we paint to put the bedding in it!!
Chris helping me paint the letters I bought at Michael's. He is a good little "evil elf"
The finished product. We are crafty sometimes.... see!

The Dr says since Lola is getting so big and is my first child that turning her is not looking like it will be successful. So we are waiting until my appt next Monday to see if she has flipped and decide whether it is worth it to try turning her. Otherwise Doc says he is scheduling a C-section on Sept 1st. That's right, Labor Day. Apparently he is very dedicated and works all holidays. (like he has much of a choice...) But I might ask him if we could do it the weekend before and let him relax a little on Monday, then we could have the option of sending her to school a year early vs being forced to have her wait until the next year. That means WE ARE HAVING A BABY IN LESS THAN TWO WEEKS!!! WE ARE SO EXCITED!


  1. I can't believe you're having baby Lola so soon. I feel like I just barely found out you were pregnant. Oh good luck! I can't wait to see her. When I have to get a nursery ready ya wanna come do mine? Cause, I'm not crafty and I'm not thrifty and a good budgeter ;)

  2. You guys are sooo cute! Lola is going to be spoiled! But there's nothing wrong with that. I still feel bad I can't make it to the shower, I will totally have to make it up to you.
    What did you guys do to get kicked out of Raging Waters!? I can't believe you guys.
    Good luck with convincing your Doc to go a few days sooner. I understand not wanting to wait until Lola is 6 to go to Kinder. If your Doc doesn't go with it he's a nutter! Tell him too bad if he has something planned.
    Let me know when you have her. i am going to a family reunion that weekend but, still text me. I want to know stats!
    Good Luck!! I luv ya, you are a great friend!

  3. Less than 2 weeks!!!!! I seriously can't believe how fast it's come!!! I'm so excited to meet baby Lola! And I can't wait to see her nursery all finished.

    PS. That picture of Chris. ha ha ha. I love it!

  4. I can't believe you are so close! Try and have her on the 29th (like it's that easy...) that way she can have the same B-day as Scarlett (which coicidently was the last time I've seen you, outside of the e-world.)I'm so happy for you and can't wait to see pictures. Good luck.

  5. wow! i can't believe you are gonna have a baby that quick! time flies! good luck in everything and keep us all posted .... and i can't WAIT to see pictures of lovely lil' lola!

  6. Lola will be here sooo soon! I can't wait to meet her! The baby room stuff is looking so adorable. You have to post pics when it is all done. Happy b-day Chris!

  7. Aw, happy Lola in two-ish weeks!

    Dang cute letters.

  8. awww im so excited to meet herrrrrr! Love you!

  9. I love that crib!! looks like your ready to have her!!

  10. What a cute nursery! You are so creative and so talented. I love it! I can't believe how close you are to having cute baby girl Lola. I wish you all the luck with your delivery! Keep posting the baby news... I can't wait to see her!

  11. CHEERS to you guys! CONGRATS that will be a fun time for you guys. Good luck with the birth... everything will be just lovely! Can't wait to see her! p.s. cute cute cute baby's room. love the crib. GREAT FUN!

  12. Oh YAY! I Love Lola's cute nursery! I want to come see it. You have to let me know when they schedule you!


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