Monday, August 25, 2008

Busy weekend

Thursday night I had such a fun baby shower that my mother-in-law threw for me. She did it at Ligori's restaurant in Layton. Yummy all you can eat, salad, pizza, and soda!! All my friends from up north were there and they were all so generous with their gifts. I am blessed to have so many great people in my life! I will post pics later, I forgot to bring my camera cord today... I am a space cadet.

Friday my mom, aunt Cheralyn, and I, {and little Chase guy, well he played with trains and watched kid shows on TV} worked all day {and night} in the Lola's room. Chris helped a bunch in the evening as well. It is pretty much completed now except for a little finishing work which my mom is coming to wrap up on Tuesday. So I decided I would give you a little sneak peek.... don't look too close yet, we still need to get some of the molding on the bead board put up and touch up a bit but I am so excited with how it is coming along. It looks great! Thanks so much to my mom for seriously doing almost all of it. She is way more talented at this remodelling stuff than I am. Probably why her house looks so fabulous!!! We did manage to take a break and eat at one of the best restaurants in Clearfield! Cheralyn's hubby joined us and we all went and ate at Cafe Trang, mmm yummy different kinds of asian food and such. The best part of eating was that Chase was calling the chop sticks, funny sticks and he asked his mom. "Do you have funny sticks?" But it sounded like "...Funny sex" and he yelled it HA HA it was awesome, we laughed sooo hard!!

Saturday I headed down to Utah county for my last baby shower. My aunt Heather and my sis Nicole did it for me at my Aunt's beautiful home. It was soo fun, we just ate and relaxed and chatted. It was with my mom's side of the family. Just small and intimate. My aunt gave me some of her great, barely used, hand me downs and man was I glad to get them. We can officially take Lola home from the hospital now that I have a car seat ha ha

On the way home, I went to my friends Amanda's wedding ceremony at a nice gold course out in Saratoga Springs. Then I headed back home and Chris and I decided to a nice date since it maybe one of/the last one we will get EVER... ha ha maybe not ever, but for a while ;) We headed to Red Lobster and man was it yummy!!! I love my hubby so much, he is a sweetie and is so excited to be a dad. Hopefully he will still be this optomistic after a couple weeks of sleepless nights??
Today is another Dr's appt and we will schedule the C section. Yep she is still breech. So I will keep you all updated on when lil Miss Lola will be here!!!!


  1. The room looks great. All you need is Lola! We're lucky to have moms that know how to fix up rooms! Chase is so funny and cute. I'm sad I couldn't make it to the shower, but I heard it was a success.

  2. You have such good taste...I am so in love with that crib!

  3. Your nursery is so gorgeous! I love it and Lola will too, I'm sure!

  4. your momma is definetly the queen of decorating! Her house is super cute! But you did get quite a bit of her genetic skills in the design department! so dont you worry :) I love you much and thanks for always being so supportive of me :)

  5. Your nursery looks great! I am sure Lola will never do anything without style! Can't believe it is so close...good luck!

  6. Lola's room looks amazing!!!! Hooray! I can't wait to see it in person. It's seriously the cutest thing I have ever laid my eyes on I do believe.

  7. Oh everything looks so lovely! I can't wait for her!

  8. Oh I love it!!! I love the color on the walls!!! It's so freaking cute!!! I cant wait to see it in Real Life! I bet its fifty times cuter! If thats even possible because it looks pretty freakin cute! YAY for Lola!


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