Monday, July 21, 2008

My weekend

This week my weekend started early- Chris, Scott, and I went to Jordan Commons for the midnight showing of the Dark Night on Thursday. Oh man, that was a great movie. Too bad I missed some of it because our seats were so close that I got motion sickness and had to get up and go walk around and hang out at the back of the theater and watch while standing, so I wouldn't hurl on the people sitting in front of me ha ha But the movie was great, it was intense, scary, creepy, action packed, and had a lot of twists and turns. I recommend it to everyone, but little children... too scary for most peeps under 12 I would say or my friend Tami. She said when she saw it, she wanted to leave early because it scared her, but she is easily scared...

The next morning I was off to girls camp. It was on the ward level so we rented a couple of sites up at South Fork camp ground near Pine View. Luckily when I got up there we ate lunch then hung out in the little river/stream and relaxed while the girls inter tubed on the river. My legs got very sun burnt but the sunscreen worked fairly well on the rest of me and I got to use my maternity swim suit (it was a hit, I got lots of compliments on how cute it was!) Later that evening some of the parents and the bishopric and wives came up to see the girls skits, eat awesome food prepared by us and Jaime's husband Chris and have a testimony meeting. The skits were cute and the food was great! We had ribs, potatoes, corn, carrots, pasta salad, relish tray, chips and fresh salsa, green salad, watermelon, and dutch-oven peach cobbler. It was quite the feast! {Thanks Jaime and Chris!!!}

The next morning we ate a yummy breakfast prepared by Chef Chris and we packed up and headed home. It was a short trip for me but was a good length for my pregnant state. Here is a cute slide show that I STOLE FROM JAIME, again. Because I forgot my camera and wasn't there for a lot of the good photo ops.

When I got home on Saturday I was itching to deep clean the house. Chris and I worked hard all day and got it looking pretty good! We even did some stuff in the back yard... our neighbors are thankful, I am sure. Then Yoda (Chris' parents dog) decided he was going to poop a huge pile of poop in the living room.... we both almost lost it and I may have shed a small tear. Yes, we are dog sitting his parents dogs for TWO and a HALF WEEKS. If I get institutionalized or kill someone, you know why. I feel very uncomfy in my own home right now. They are good dogs but are a little overwhelming at times. So we decided we needed to get out! We ate dinner at El Burrito and went to relax at Barnes and Noble. Just what we needed, we were in good spirits! Then we headed to hang out with a bunch of friends at Chris and Tami's house.

Sunday was the usual and I even made all three meals and a cake!!! I was a domestic goddess this weekend!!! I can't believe it is Monday already! Hope you all had a great weekend!

P.S. I chopped my hair off and feel a lot better about myself now!! Yay for cute hair!


  1. I LOVE your new haircut! It is super cute and will be so easy to do when Miss Lola comes!

  2. Love the hair, loved the movie, hate girls camp! It was a good time when I went but eh, I'm glad you had fun though!

    Cleaning the house? Isn't that a common thing to do RIGHT before you're about to give birth? Or did you get the urge early? Or are they not connected? I love the feeling of a clean house..

    Are you going to the reunion?

  3. LOL! I totally forgot about Clueless! I seriously still have notes we wrote to each other where we called each other Cher & D! We were overly obsessed!

  4. I totally forgot that you had girls camp this weekend!! (Of course I forgot, I forget everything!) I'm glad that you had a fun time! I want to see the Dark Knight so bad!!! I can't wait.

    PS. LOVE the hair and color. So dang cute.

  5. I thought Dark Knight was way FREAKY! We went yesterday and I was sure I was going to have nightmares (luckily I didn't).
    I can't believe you went to girls camp at all, let alone pregnant! You are one brave lady! I bet the girls LOVE you and Chris though.

  6. I'm glad you had a good time at camp. We were all so excited for you to come up.

    And you can "steal" any of my photos. :) I'll have to add the group photos from one of the girls' camera.

  7. High five for seeing The Dark Knight at midnight too! I can't believe you went to camp prego--you are TOUGH! Good job cooking. I lalala-love your new hair!

  8. Oh my gosh...that is a total transformation hair cut...I love love triple love it.

  9. your hair is always PERFECT!!! I am really jealous of that one little fact. sounds like a fun weekend!

  10. love your hair.. you are one HOTT MAMA to be!!!! wahoooo. You two are always doing something fun! CHEERS to summer time!!!

  11. way cute hair Dari! Adorable! Nothing quite like a good cut.

  12. Looks like you had a very busy weekend! Fun! Remember how wild we used to be at girls camp? I loved singing the camp songs really loud!

  13. You were a trooper at camp! I hope it wasn't too uncomfy for ya. It was soo cute how the girls wanted to do everything for you. That's what I loved about being pregnant!
    Thanks for being such a great 1st Councelor! I still think we got robbed of at least one more good year, but what do ya do. And at least you got a new calling, the bishop hasn't recieved my new inspiration yet.
    Thanks soo much, I love ya!


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