Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Baby Update

First off, if you haven't left me a memory on the post below please do so, I love so so much, reading all the fun memories people share with me!!!

The Dr's apt went very well. Lola is growing and growing and once again he said that I can wait 3 instead of 2 weeks to come back because she is doing so great!! That makes us very happy. She now weighs an estimated 5lbs 5oz... she just keeps getting bigger and bigger! {So do I... as you can see below.} She is still measuring a little over two weeks ahead of schedule. Now that she is getting bigger, some of the kicks and stretches hurt me. Chris always says, "How rude" when she kicks too hard ha ha He is a cutie. Doc tried to get us a cute pic of her face but she was facing backward and was not cooperating, maybe next time.

{Chris and I}

Here are some large pics of me in the meantime...

{please ignore the extra roll caused by my tight, non-maternity garments I was wearing that day...}

{oh how true and sad the following illustration is... just ask Chris ha ha}


  1. Miss Lola is getting so big! I'm glad both you and her are doing well! you are the cutest pregnant Dari I know!

  2. Love the belly! I am glad that Lola is doing so well!

  3. you are such the cute pregnant girl.

    ps: i wasn't.

    so way to go & congrats on a growing girl.


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