Monday, February 25, 2008

What a great weekend!

To start it out my sis came up and we had a sisters night! Fun things about our night:
  • Eating lots of Cafe Rio!!! {Pork Burritos on this rotation}
  • Finding out that there is a store in the Layton Hills Mall called Skins that sells designer jeans!!! We also got $20 off coupons from them since they are still brand new! Nicole used hers immediately. I on the other hand, sadly suggested that they carry maternity designer jeans and decided after the kid, if I get skinnier than pre-preg {which I am PLANNING on doing} I will need a pair that fits me! Good motivation and they said the coupon NEVER expires!
  • Having the crazy kid working temporarily in the fabric section of Walmart tell us that the patches we were looking for were, "probably in these 2 or 3 aisles here, I don't work here usually. I am just working here tonight". Thanks crazy cat-scratched arm kid, who knows nothing about where anything is. We laughed about him for the rest of our Walmart trip!
  • Yummy Jambas that were free thanks to the Gift Card I won at work!
  • Watching awesome videos on Youtube and Facebook stalking people.

Sister nights are awesome and I had a great time! Thanks for coming up Nic!

Saturday and Sunday Chris, Nicole, and I went up to my friend Jed's cabin in Bear Lake. A good time is always had! The cabin is so nice, it almost doesn't feel right calling it a cabin. Highlights from the cabin:

  • A bunch of good friends
  • a hot tub {which sadly I couldn't soak in because of my pregnant state}
  • a ping-pong table, trash talk included
  • lots of ipod DJing
  • mini dance parties
  • eating food at the local joints and having the locals glare at you.
  • Everyone else staying up way too late {I was asleep before midnight and awoke for a brief appearance, then hit the hay for real}
  • Eating way too much junk food
  • Driving home in a blizzard and making it home safely
  • To top it off when we got home and went to pick Cooper up from the in-laws and hang out, Chris' dad had made the YUMMIEST boneless ribs and potatoes and corn on the cob. YUMMERS!!!!!

Pictures to follow!! HAPPY MONDAY :) Here's to another week. Oh and yesterday I hit my 12 week mark!


  1. Yay for Bear Lake!! Im so glad you brought Nichole! You too are sooooo much fun! I would have gone crazy if you two girz didn't come!! :)

  2. Jelous o' the sister night...sounds like so much fun. I am kinda hoping to live that part of life through my girls since I missed out, think they'll mind? :) But, I did get to hang out with Chaddy yesterday - always a treat!

    Oh, yay for 12 weeks too!


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