Friday, February 29, 2008

This was a fun tag...

20 YEARS AGO- I was 4 years old and I assume, playing with toys and "helping" my mom with baby Nicole. ha ha Probably going to Starbright pre-school too, it was next door at the Sloan's house. :)

10 YEARS AGO- 14 years old UGH, I didn't like this year much. I had been "dumped" by all my friends the summer before this school year, for being a nice, good girl and they were crazy "rebels" {mind you a few of them got knocked up in or around the high school years, whew missed that one luckily!} So I was BFFers with the school snot, Cassie Lybbert, but she befriended me and we did have some fun times before we parted ways. {just a little side note, she got preggo as well in high school...?}

5 YEARS AGO- I was living at home going to UVSC and I believe working at good ole American Eagle. I was getting ready to move out, for good this time, to Old Mill. I was dating around and playing with my friends.

3 YEARS AGO- I believe I was still living in New Port Condos with Stephanie and Trisha. I was working at Zumiez in University mall as an Asst Manager and not making as much money as I should have been! I was busy playing with friends and going to dance parties and probably hanging out with Kwin a lot. I think I was still going to UVSC at this point.

1 YEAR AGO- I would have been married about a month and was loving life except for the fact that we had backed out of a bad deal on a house so we were living in Chris' parents basement for a small bout. They were awesome though and fed us and it was free so that was nice!!! Life was simple :)

SO FAR THIS YEAR- Well we found out we were pregnant a couple days before New Years Eve. So I have been being ill on and off with morning sickness, working at Associated Food Stores. Chris has started back up at Weber State University. Rhett left on his mission and that is about it for me.

YESTERDAY- I came to work, went to lunch at the Pie with my friend Jess, went to my baby Dr appt and got an ultrasound, went back to work. Chris and I went to dinner with his parents {thanks Mike and Betsy!} I did some dishes, did the laundry, hung some family portraits, watched American Idol, Rob and Big, and LA Ink. Folded laundry and went to bed!

TODAY- Threw up {sorry}, stopped at Maverick to get some food so I wouldn't throw up on the way to work. Worked and am currently working... But later tonight we are going to get my mom a birthday present and go to watch the New Nervous play, YAY!

TOMORROW- Go down to Payson to hang out with the family and play with doggies. Probably will go to dinner for mom's b day. BE LAZY!

I tag anyone who looks at this and wants to reminisce about their older years, etc.

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