Monday, December 17, 2007

Surprises and the usual...

This weekend we headed down to my parents. Friday we tried to connect with Scott and Ali and it just was not happening.... oh well. Gifts will have to be exchanged with Ali once she is back from her home in sunny Florida :)

Saturday I met up with my High School friends at Leslie's clubhouse at her condos. It was a blast!! We ate, chatted, opened exchange gifts, ate dessert, and chatted some more. We got some good reminiscing done in a 4 hour period of time! I am so mad because I took my camera and didn't take a single, one photo. You can tell I am not used to being the one with a camera! After that Chris and I met up with my Mom and Dad and Nicole and ate at Carrabba's. Yummy! Then Chris and I headed back north...

Sunday was the usual except Chris was unable to make church with me because of work.... AGAIN! But when I was done with church, I had a voicemail from Betsy {Chris' mom} saying to come straight to her house because she wanted to show me her new watch and ask me some Christmas questions and Chris had left a message as well saying to go to his parents and that his dad was at our place. So I KNEW something fishy was going on.... LUCKILY it was good fishy and this is what him and his dad had been doing!!!!!!!!

Christmas-afying our yard! ha ha It is so cute and we look like a gingerbread house or something now. He is the sweetest to think of cute little surprises like that for me ;) What a sweetheart. He thought he would pose with his work of art ha ha {Don't mind the gang signs he is flashing!}


  1. Ha ha! Cute Christmas decorations!! I want to eat at Carrabba's I have never been there, sounds delightful.

  2. I love how cute Chris is about his surprises for you. You've got a good one dear!


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