Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Scary Christmas display

Last night Monica and I took our Young Women to Ogden to to see the lights and cute little houses that are filled with Christmas displays by local businesses.
But we saw the funniest thing when we were there, to come later in the story! We were all walking around looking at the displays and chasing the girls, telling them to be quiet and quit running, etc. These are some of the things our girls were freaking over: First- for some reason Emma had to scream and hide and make a big scene everytime she saw Santa in a display. She kept saying, "I am afraid of Santa", mind you she is 14 and craves attention... I think she probably loves Santa but loves attention more ha ha Second- There was one display of dolls and all the sudden the girls are screaming and all the sudden Carrie says, "It's Chucky" and buries her face in my coat. Now that I can relate to, Chucky scares the everliving crap out of me!!! One or two of the dolls definitely resembled him, eeww creepy. Last- and most importantly... when we approached this next one, I think Monica even screamed ha ha Just look at these pictures!!!!!!

What the devil is going on here?! This was "supposed" to be a Christmas Carol, with the ghosts of the past, present, and future on the wall and such. But then who is this character in the creepy rocking chair with the creepy children and why has no one affixed his head back to his body!? This was creeperific for sure ha ha A good time was had by all!
Here are some pictures of the girls for your enjoyment!

The whole crew (minus me... the photographer)

Silly Emma

Emma and Carrie

Emma getting a little more sultry.. oh dear

And lastly... Carrie again without the coat because she said it made her look fat! Oh gees, 12 year olds should NOT be saying that!


  1. Ha ha ha ha. That is too funny. Creepy Christmas lights!

    PS. CHUCKY!!!! We hate him.

  2. Oh my.. What in the devil is right. That is not a Merry Christmas to me.


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