Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Happy Birthday Nic!!!

Ok so this post is a tribute to my favorite sis Nicole. She sent me these pics from her birthday dinner with the family {which Chris couldn't attend because he wasn't feeling well :(...} and asked that I do 22 things that I love about her because it is her 22 birthday. She said I didn't really have to but I was planning on doing a birthday tribute already so HA I am doing it! But the best part about her request is that she made fun of me at first for having a blog but now I think she coming around to the idea... hence her desire for me to write about her on it ha ha I have to tease you sis. But blogging is a fabulous way to stay in touch and up to date with friends and family. {This is the reason you should get one Colee!!}

Here we go: I know it looks long, but it is worth a read!!

22 Reasons why I lover love my lil Sis and BFFer Colee

  1. She is Beautiful! She always looks so stylish and put-together.

  2. She is neat and tidy to the max. Her bed is always made and her clothes are always put away and she is the first to clean and tidy up her apt.

  3. I have a very strong kinship with her, I feel like even though we may not get along at times... when we do, {more often then not} we are like twin personalities.

  4. She can be a dirty bird with me ha ha we enjoy sharing our crude humor with each other and oddly enough we bring it out in each other, don't ask me why...

  5. I love playing Guitar Hero with her, it gets a little intense at times.

  6. She has a strong testimony of the gospel and works hard at her callings.

  7. To go along with above, she is a great example to those around her.

  8. She can be very dedicated when eating healthy... I always give in and say just this once. {repeatedly...} But when she is dedicated, she will stick to it. {Just think of me and the red vines incident tee hee}

  9. We love the movie "Mixed Nuts" and we love quoting it, we still need to watch it this Christmas season! If you haven't seen it, you need too and don't let any reviews sway you. It is freaking HILARIOUS!!!! A Christmas favorite, we share this passion with our aunt Cheralyn as well.

  10. I love her bangs, I have gone back and forth with the straight across fringe on myself but it looks so much better on her!

  11. I love that she looks beautiful without much makeup on. I was always jealous that she didn't need hardly any makeup to look cute.

  12. She has great teeth. She never has cavities or anything and I do all the time. When we were little, she would not brush her teeth on a very regular basis {when I would} at night and I always wished that she would get tons of cavities like I always had... never happened.

  13. She is good at her job. Her office would go under if it weren't for her amazing dental assisting skills. Not because anyone else is bad at their job, but because she does so much there and everyone loves her and never wants her to leave. <3
  14. {Note my Mom's face in the above picture HA!}

  15. She is a great friend. She loves her friends so much and would do anything for them. She still has the same friends she had in High School and I think they will all be friends forever.

  16. She can make some great funny faces, when we shared a bedroom back in the day, we would look away from each other and then look back and have a different funny face each time. I always told her I was gonna hit her on the top of the head and she would be stuck that way.

  17. She has always had my back. Even if it is one of her friends that she is defending me to. i.e. When I was in elementary school, an unnamed friend {ok knowing who the friend was makes it better.. it was Becky Theobald ha ha} and I were playing and we got in a fight and she was being rude to me {a regular occurrence} and Nicole had had enough, so she hit Becky in the head with one of those big red plastic baseball bats ha ha ha You don't mess with the Gordon's!

  18. She would participate in my dance choreographing and playing dance class when we were little even though she didn't like to. It was my dream to be a dance teacher when I was little and I would choreograph like CRAZY all the time in my childhood. Her, the neighbors, and cousins would always be the ones who had to learn and perform my dances. {I am sure Angie, Marilee, and Jennie can vouch for this}

  19. She burned me with the end of a blow dryer once. {on accident} It was hilarious because we were getting ready for school and she totally didn't mean to do it, she felt so bad. But it was great that I had a target shaped burn on my back for a few months.

  20. She is great with children. She loves kids and has nannied for my aunt for the last few years. Kids love her!

  21. I love that she used to love to give me piggy back rides. Even though I was always bigger than she was. {I will try my darnedest to track down the funniest picture of her giving me a piggy back.} She used to always want me to get on her back so she could piggy back me down the stairs. Aahhh that is scary but she could always do it. ha ha I am laughing out loud right now thinking about it!

  22. I love our conversations together. Especially about secret things. It is great that she is old enough now that we can relate to each other and share our experiences to help each other out. {Insert one quarter please... inside joke}

  23. Last but not least... I love that when we both go home to my parent's house that we can stay up till all hours of the night talking, sharing music, and emails and then sleeping in the same bed {when Chris can't come down because of work} It is fun to have a great friend that is my sis :)


I could go on and on but I will stop here and leave more for another time.


  1. Thanks so much sis!! You are the greatest ever! I can't believe you really came up with 22 things. You made me look really good. Oh I was laughing so hard at some of the things we did. We have had a lot of good times. I'm still laughing! Thanks so much you're the best. I love ya! Nic

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  3. ummm I accidently deleted that... so sorry...

    Happy Birthday, Nicole! Sisters are the best! Seriously couldn't live without 'em! Thinking back, Your TLC-don't go chasing waterfalls dance was the best! I think it time to learn another dance by Dari... Those were the days...

  4. I love Nicloe too! she's alway so sweet AND she looks hot all the time! I'm kinda jelous... anyway- we need to get the nieghborhood girls together for another Dari Dance! I Loved those days!

  5. I totally spelled jealous wrong! sorry! ;)

  6. Nicole is the cutest! Everytime I hung out with your family she was always way sweet! I probably scared her a few times when she came to our place to visit, but sisters like you guys totally make me want a sister of my own! Happy Birthday Nicole!

  7. sisters are the best! Way touching Dari--you about made ME cry! You can tell you two have an awesome friendship/kinship.

  8. Cute!! You're a great sister Dari, I can tell. And your sis is so pretty! You guys both have the greatest style, I love it! This was a cutie pie post!


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