Monday, December 24, 2007

Pre-Christmas Post!


I thought I would fit in one last blog before Christmas. Yes, I am at work right now and that is not my favorite thing. But it will be worth it when I get my pay check ;) However, I am leaving a little early so we can beat the traffic {if there is any} to Utah County. Tonight is the Gordon Family Christmas Eve Party!!! Easily my favorite party/family get-together of the year. I love it! Lots of good food, good fun, and great family! Here is a pic of us last Christmas morning for your holiday enjoyment.
I wanted to just name a few of my favorite things about Christmas in general and things that have just happened this year that I think Chris and I will make our family traditions...
  • Decorating our house so that we look like the Griswald's... thanks to Chris and his Dad our house looks like a Gingerbread house with tons of lights. The best thing is that we live in a townhouse, so our yard is like 7 ft big ha ha

  • Chris not being able to wait to open gifts. He has literally forced me to open 3 gifts already, through the course of the last week ;)

  • Picking gifts off the "Angel Tree" to by for families less fortunate than us. This was one of the most fun shopping trips I have ever had. Probably because I picked out a Hannah Montana shirt for the girl we were shopping for!

  • Watching Christmas movies and wrapping presents.

  • Watching people wrestle at Grandma Gordon's at the Christmas Eve Party ha ha too many boys in this family!

  • Being with friends and family.

  • People who will let you in their lane on the freeway and are a little nicer drivers around this season.

  • Chris harassing/getting mad when all I want to listen to in the car is Christmas music. But letting me because I love it and sing along to EVERY song.

  • Watching "Mixed Nuts" because it is the best dang Christmas movie out there... {tied with "Christmas Vacation"}

  • Having the "Boxing Day" Party with the Braithwaite side of the family :)

  • I could go ON and ON but I will stop there.

I now leave you with the more AWESOME picture of us last Christmas. We sure are little rascals, aren't we? ha ha Chris and I love you all and wish you a Happy Holiday

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  1. Have a great Christmas Dari--aren't the family get-togethers the best?!


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