Thursday, December 27, 2007

Post Christmas

I am one of those people who needs at least 4 days off from work to feel like it is Christmas!!! ha ha I am sad that I am back at work already... Here are some pics from the Christmas eve party at Grandma and Grandpa Gordon's.
RoLee, Mom, and Dad

Grandpa, Me, and Grandma {I love them sooo much!!}

The angels in the nativity {my cousins cute lil girls: Taislee, Reagan, and Chloe}

Mary {from behind} my youngest cousin, Eliza.

Christmas was awesome, we were way more spoiled than we deserved. We spent the eve and Christmas morning with my family playing Rock Band {that game is awesome and so much fun} and then drove up to the in laws.
Then the next day I played hookie and went to the Gateway to meet up with my friends Ali and Lauren... this pic is me on the way there. I was pretty happy to not be at work and have Gift Certificates to spend!!! Later that night I picked Chris up after work and we drove the long drive back down to Payson for a the Braithwaite family Boxing Day party!! Where we do our gift exchange etc. :) It was a lot of fun!! But I am glad to have the craziness over with and be able to just do some grocery shopping, rest, and relax tonight while Chris plays Halo3 and cards with the boys ha ha

P.S. One gift I am excited to play more with is Guitar Hero 3- Chris got it for me for Christmas ;)

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  1. Cute beanie in that last picture darling. I'm glad you had a Happy Christmas!


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