Wednesday, December 5, 2007

Family Home Evening

Ok so it really wasn't FHE but it was on a Monday night. I wanted to wait to put this up with pictures but since I don't have the internet at home and my computer here at work doesn't have a memory card slot... they will have to be added at a later date. Which I am very sad about :( I will work on getting them put up here soon.

Monday night Chris decided he wanted to go to the Team Sleep concert with our friend Scott Shepherd. When they do that, it means Ali and I get a girls night!! We met up at our favorite place, URBAN OUTFITTERS and both did some Christmas shopping and a little bit of shopping for ourselves too ;) I actually found the cutest hounds tooth jacket (Jeanette, I remembered. wink, wink) that was originally $100 and I snagged it for $19.99!!! Yay for the sale racks!

After Urban we headed to dinner at Thaifoon. Ali had never been there but I swore to her that it is very tasty, so we ate there and she loved it! By that time, everything was closed at the good ole Gateway, so we headed to the Coffee Break... I know, I know. It's a little trendy and stupid scene-ish at times, but it is a great place to go sit and chat. I enjoyed a loverly carmel apple cider and she got a hibiscus tea that she thoroughly enjoyed as well. We chatted and chatted and then headed to see if the Temple Square lights were still on. Ali has never seen them. Well they were already off so we drove around for a bit till we could meet up with the boys. I had a great night and I love Ali's company, we get along splendidly :) It was a very fun FHE night...

Last night Chris and I watched The Namesake. I loved it and I recommend it to all of you! Please go out and rent it, you will enjoy it, I am sure! I laughed and cried and it was a heart-warming story. Last but not least... we were FINALLY able to purchase the documentary by Sigur Ros- Heima. We watched that as well and it was beautiful! Definitely brought a tear to my eye a few times. Chris and I had a fun night of movie watching together and trying to get Cooper to hold still so I could brush his fluffy fur ha ha

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  1. Houndstooth! You remembered! I am very proud. Ali is so cute. I'm excited to see all the pictures. Sounds like a wonderful time.:)


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