Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Halloween Begins!

Muah ha ha ha Halloween is on the way and our annual Braithwaite Family party was last Saturday. We usually go to this cute farm that has mini trains you can ride, but the weather was less than desirable so the farm was closed but that did not stop the fun. We had good soups, treats, costume awards, and a piniata. I should have taken some of the little kids taking their swings... oh well there is always next year.

Cooper as Mickey Mouse (I have never seen his eye do
that before ha ha)

Nicole, my sis as Betty Rubble

Ian (baby cousin, he is an Octopus) and Chris

Ian again, isn't he precious!

I went as a corpse bride and Chris was a distinguished author, so that was great. I didn't get good pics of us but we will have better photos of the actual Halloween to follow :)

Me and my Mom

Hoover the Hotdog (my Aunt and Uncle's dog) and Cooper, ya
we dress our dogs up for Halloween, who doesn't ha ha

Zoe the Mermaid

Ava (Zoe's sister) after she took her Mermaid
outfit off ;) and their dad Rick

Nicole, grandma, and Heather (Zoe, Ava, and Ian's Mom)

Alissa, Zac, and Jordan- part of the Kepas Family

What a great time with family!

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  1. Fun Costumes! Halloween is one of my favorite Holidays, for sure.


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