Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Girls Getaway '07

This last weekend, me and my high school friends went to Park City for a girl getaway! We decided that we are going to start doing this every year and every other year we will try to venture further so we could possibly meet up with Brooke on our excursion... since she lives in Buffalo, NY.

This year there were 8 of us and we rented a condo (more like a town house, it had three levels!) in Park City and it was fabulous. They are rented out when the owners are not vacationing in them. It is really nice because they are fully equipped and ours had a private hot tub!!!

Friday morning a few of us met up to go to a live taping of Good Things Utah, I must admit, I have never seen a full episode and they were overly cheesy from what I had seen. But it ended up being a fun time and we got a few free crafty things :) Then we headed up to Park City for some lunch and browsing Main Street and pedicures!!! By this time Tina and Molly had joined us and then we ventured to the grocery store and back to the townhouse. We started cooking dinner and all the hours of girl talk!! By the time dinner was done, Amanda and Kelly had arrived and we were complete! The eating, hot tubbing, and chatting went on till the wee hours of the morning... ok wee to me but maybe not to other people. I gave in and hit the sack at 2am... I was TIRED!!!

The next day we hit up the outlets!!! This was fun, we had all been saving so we could spend some dough and not feel guilty ;) We made our rounds and hit tons of stores! I got a cute hoodie at Zumiez and a dress from Banana (I am always looking for cute dresses!) and lastly the make up store which had MAC at a discounted price. So I got another of my favorite, Studio Fix for a lot cheaper than Nordstrom's price! After the outlets we ate some lunch and headed home, right before the rain got really bad...

I had such a great time and this just reminded me even more of why I love these ladies so much and why we have stayed so close over the last 7+ years. :) They are all beautiful and live their lives with such grace and integrity. They all have the gospel close to their hearts and we share some great experiences everytime we are together. I love all of you and look forward to our next adventure together!!!!

(more pictures to come!)


  1. Hey Dari. Cute Blog! We did have a good time last weekend. I think we really need to get together like that more often. Plus it was a REALLY nice break for me!! I didn't have to even think of changing a poopy diaper for 24 hours. Wooo Whooo! :)

  2. This is such a fun idea! Park City is the best. Your hair looks awesome ps.

  3. I AGREE!!!!! The blog is super cute and we should FOR SURE do it again. It's gives you something to look forward to.....our own little holiday! Hurray for girls!



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