Tuesday, September 18, 2007

The Editors

Saturday was a fun night!!! Amanda and I went to see the Editors at Club Sound. They were AMAZING!!! I was soo excited to see them live and was very happy that Amanda wanted to come with me. We totally forgot our cameras, so we don't have pics of us... but I got some pics of the Editors to put on here. They are from the UK and have awesome accents. They sounded great live and I couldn't believe that such a deep and powerful voice came out of such a cute, lil guy!!!

Afterward, we went to the after-party at Todd's too bad we didn't see any of the band members even once... we are thinking it must have been the unofficial after-party... But it was a grand time because we danced our guts out and had a great time. The DJ was the same DJ that spun at Trapp earlier in the week and he was taking requests and would come out and dance with us also. He said that we were, "the best croud he had ever DJ's for and he would be content dancing with this group of people for the rest of his life" We were that much fun!!! It was a blast, I definitely worked up a sweat ha ha
If you haven't ever heard them, there is one of their songs on my playlist and I also added their music videos player to the bottom of my page so check them out. You will not be disappointed!!

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