Monday, July 2, 2007

The weekend...

This weekend I went down to Jessica and Todd's wedding reception. It was really cute. They had it in Jess' parents yard and had a bunch of fun desserts to choose from. They looked really happy and it was great weather. After that I went to dinner with my mom and dad and 2 brothers. Then we rented movies and hung out for the night.

Saturday my shopping addiction kicked in... I went to lunch with my mom and bros to CPK. Then went to Norstrom and Banana and could not find a thing to buy! (strange I know!) So I decided to depart from Utah county and head up to Salt Lake, to the Gateway. I found a cute pair of shoes at JMR (on sale) then looked around a little more and found some cute clothes at Forever 21. That place never lets me down and its sooo cheap! I LOVE IT! After that Chris and I went to dinner. :)

Sunday was pretty typical, church, Sunday dinner at Chris' parents and then we cleaned and hung out at home. So overall it was a nice laid-back weekend.

I am soo excited that the fourth of July is coming on Wednesday. I am not gonna lie, it is one of my favorite holidays! Every year we go to Gma and Gpa Braithwaite's house and have a BBQ with the huge family. Gpa makes homemade icecream and rootbeer. It is soo good! So that was actually one pf my reasons for shopping- I always buy a 4th of July outfit or shirt. Cheesy I know.

Tonight Chris and I are going down to our friends Birthday party. It is joint for Scott and Ali! So it should be a lot of fun!

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  1. I'm sad I missed the 4th of July!! I like to buy new outfits for all occassions, 4th of July included of course. ha ha. Forever 21, hooray for it!


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