Thursday, July 5, 2007

The 4th

First I will tell ya how our night o Birthdays with Scott and Ali went. They decided they wanted to keep the bday celebration more intimate, so just the four of us went and ate at the Macaroni Grill at the Riverwoods.
That is one of my favorite restaurants... but sadly I was disappointed in my food selection... it was some sort of chicken ravioli and it had asparagus and sauce over it. Sounds great right? But no, the sauce tasted like cream and chicken boullion (sp?) Eeww. Chris always makes fun of me because I get the same thing everytime at most of the places we eat. But this just proves that safe IS better than sorry... Then we all went and watched "Ratatouille". It was very cute and we all loved it. I will have to purchase it when it comes out on DVD. ;) Overall, a great night with great friends!

The next night the boys aka The New Nervous (our friends band that Scott, Josh, Kellen, and Ryan are in) played up in Logan, so being the good friends that we are, we drove our butts up to BFE to see them play. They did a great job and a couple of the other bands were pretty good but it was a long show with 5 bands and it was hot and I was tired so I fell asleep during the last band ha ha But afterward we went to Rancherito's aka Beto's. (for some reason they are changing all the names..) Which is NOT a top pick for late night dining, BUT we were in Logan at about 12:30 am!! It was in the company of fun friends and reminiscing so it was still a fantastic time.

I love the fourth of July, I have already mentioned that. But it is just a great time for all! This fourth I got to see some of my cousins that live down in St George and all the family that lives up this way. Plus grams and gramps are back from Oregon so it was good to see them. Grandpa is a professor at BYU and is a Marine Biologist so every summer he takes a group of his students out to Oregon on sabatical to have some hands on study action. I love that he loves to do that every summer! Then we cam back up North and watched Layton's firework display with Trace and Ashley. They had some kick A fireworks! They definitely had a bigger budget then the good ole Payson fireworks ha ha

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