Monday, July 16, 2007

Weekend wrap-up

Well this weekend was pretty low-key. My family was camping for most of the week and were supposed to be back by Friday night and Chris and I haven't seen them for a while so we headed down to good ole Payson. But on the way my sis informed me that the only one that was coming home was my dad. Oh well, we will chill with dad for a bit, that will be fun. But when we got there dad wasn't there either, he decided to back up and stay another night after he got off work. My bro Rhett was home though, we saw him for a minute but he was too busy with his social encounters with young girls to hang out with us. ha ha So we were glad that Scott and Ali had wanted to hang out since my family had dogged on us :-P Scott and Ali came down and we got yummy chinese take out and then rented "Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas", watched it (well I was bushed so I mostly slept through it) then we just chatted and had fun. But the night ran a little long for my liking... I was soooo sleepy and I had a hair appt at 10:00 the next morning. Finally at 4am the boys aka Chris and Scott decided the night could end and me and Ali could finally get some sleep :)

Saturday I went and had Jaime do my hair at Studio 210 over in Orem. ( I love her, if you need someone to do your hair ,let me know and I will give you her card with a $5 off thing on it) I love chattin it up with Jaim. She is a sweetie! After that, Nicole (my sis) and I went and looked around at Downeast Outfitters, they had nothing good and so we left and grabbed some lunch and by that time Chris was getting antsy for me to get home. Sadly I had to opt out on the pedicures with Colee and I went home to my hubby. Then we packed up Cooper and our stuff and headed back North. We just chilled out all night and watched movies and read our books.... which leads me to my next thing....

I got my next book by Stephenie Meyer, "New Moon" and I started reading it on Sunday before church, then Jeanetter (yes she is back from Europe and dating a fabulous man and is happier than ever and I LOVE IT!!!!!) and I went to my ward together since Chris had to work then, I read a little more, then Chris and I went and ate fabulous meat loaf that his dad made with his parents and hung out for a bit and then we came home and I read all freakin night long minus getting in the tub. I couldn't put the book down!!! I usually make myself go to bed by the time midnight rolls around... no luck I read till my eyes wouldn't stay open anymore aka 1:00am. So I am a little tired today but nothing I can't handle. I love that stinkin book and I read over 300 pages yesterday. So I am excited to finish it today or tomorrow, depending on time constraints... but then that means I will have to wait until August 7th to start the next one. BOO! But Chris will be glad about that, he will have more attention until then!

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  1. Yes! I am happier than ever!! :) And I love it too! I also love reading!!! I need to read these books apparently!! And you need to read my pirate book!


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