Wednesday, July 11, 2007


I am kicking myself for not reading these books sooner. My mom read them last year or so for a book club and I remember she raved about them and I kept thinking, I am going to take hers and read them (Twilight and New Moon) But I was in the middle of another, not-as-engaging book and I told myself I couldn't start them until I finished the other one but was not very urgent about it. Chris kept making fun of me saying I would never finish that book, so that was honestly one of my HUGE motivations to finish it ha ha But TV or movies while relaxing at home, were always more tempting than the book I was reading...

One weekend Chris and I went to lunch with our friends Adam and Scott and then afterwards went to the new FYE superstore to browse for an hour or two and I decided I really wanted to buy a book and start reading it because I had already browsed and browsed the music and had picked my selections and was less than interested in conquering the huge DVD selection (odd I know, I usually love looking) or looking at stupid toys and the meager selection of magazines. I decided I wanted to buy a book and read it until they were done perusing. I started looking and then remembered the books my mom had told me about so long ago. The nice young man that worked there showed me where it was (on sale, I like a bargain) I started to read but the boys got done far sooner than anticipated so I only read a couple of pages and was not yet hooked... It took me another couple of weeks to finally finish the other book. Then I decided to start "Twilight". This Sunday was really the first day I had time to sit down and start reading... You can ask Chris, I pretty much ignored him and read every spare second I had for the next 3 days!!! I would have finished it even sooner if I didn't have to work all day and then do chores and go to his basketball game on Monday night (ok I read some of it at the game ha ha) and then last night I had laundry to do and I had to go to Young Womens for a couple of hours. But I finished it last night and I LOVED EVERY SECOND OF IT!!!

On Monday I ordered "New Moon" from Amazon and pre-ordered "Eclipse"!!! It comes out August 7th (the day after my b day) I am so excited! So now I am back on the reading wagon and loving it! I just have to find books that grab my attention and then I am hooked!!!

Bottom line, if you haven't read these books, YOU SHOULD.

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