Tuesday, July 31, 2007

The Simpsons movie

This was a fun weekend!! On Friday night Chris, Scott, Ali, and I went to PF Chang's and then joined up with Rachel, Dan , and their sweet new baby Lily and went to the Simpons movie. It was pretty dang funny. Chris says he wonders why they can't still make the shows this funny but then they do it on the movie? Don't worry babe, I think thats what we are all wondering :) These are me and Chris in Simpson form ha ha

They're not that close but its the thought that counts right??

On Saturday we went to lunch with my BFF Chad and my sis came as well. Chad's birthday was Monday so it was an early birthday lunch! We went to California Pizza Kitchen and it was great to catch up and hear all of Chad's crazy stories. He is such a sweetie. After that Chris and I (ok mostly me) went shopping and I showed him the perfume that I want for my birthday, but I told him it is a back up plan in case he hadn't already picked something out tee hee hee

Of course I couldn't leave Nordstrom without looking through the TBD section and seeing what cute new jeans they had!!! I told myself since my birthday is next week, that I could justify getting a pair of designer jeans! (I haven't bought any since our honeymoon and that was 6 months ago so I have held off long enough!!) Also I will pool my birthday money from everyone to make up for spending a good chunk of change :) I found the cutest jeans. They are Paige brand. I had heard of Paige Jeans but for some reason had never tried them on before. They are skinny legged and look adorable with heels. I love them!

So there they are and yes I am a psycho for posting pics of my new jeans... but I am excited this doesn't happen every day ha ha

Sunday was fun because Chris took the day off and got to come to church with me and my family. We spent the weekend at my parents house so we went to their ward and it was a good meeting. Then we relaxed and had dinner at my parents then, went to his parents and had to eat another dinner a couple hours later.... oops. But you can't make anybody feel bad by not eating their meal that they worked hard to prepare. So the conclusion is we are fat girls and we had a great time eating our way through the weekend. ;)

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  1. Sounds like you had a fun weekend Dari!! Those jeans are hot ps.:)


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