Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Happy Pioneer Day!

This year I didn't get to celebrate much... Chris had to work so I decided to man up and work as well. But the nice thing about the place we work is that they do big bbq's on holidays and everyone eats for free. Also you get paid time and a half and you get an extra 8 hour holiday to use when you want to!! So they make it worth working for sure. If I wasn't working this is what the family is doing and I would have been participating in. They all go watch the Spanish Fork parade in front of my uncle's gas station and then go to my aunt Jan and uncle Brad's house for a bbq and hanging out. There also are fireworks and a rodeo in Spanish Fork that are options for evening activities.

I think after Chris and I get off work we may see if some friends want to bbq with us or something fun like that.

*recap on weekend*
So I went to girls camp and it was fun! We ate dinner and then all the wards did their skits that went aling with their wards theme and they were all cute. They also did a devotional and then had smores. After that we went back to our camp ground and played games and chatted. Luckily all the girls were tuckered out after staying up late every other night so they were in bed before the leaders were. I was in bed by midnight and was very pleased with that.

The next day we had breakfast and a devotional, cleaned and then headed home. So I was home by 11 am. That was nice! Then Chris and I went to lunch and Cafe Rio and went grocery shopping. Chris had to go to bed early because he worked the next day, so I went down to hang out with my family and spend the night.

At mom and dad's we went out to eat and then rented a movie and hung out. The next day my family spoke in church so Nicole and I went to show them some support. They did a great job! They spoke on faith.

When I got home later that night Chris and I went and hung out with Chris and Tami and John and Stacy. The girls decided they wanted to watch flash backs of my former self... so we watched the hilarious Miss Payson Pageant 2001, which I was lucky enough to participate in along with a bunch of my friends HA HA HA Oh nostalgia.


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