Tuesday, July 17, 2007


Last night Chris had a basketball game. He plays in the Clearfield city league with some friends. They all have a great time and are undefeated thus far (there have only been two games, but its a start!) Last night was funny though because this dude on the other team was loud and complained about everything! (and eventually ended up getting a technical for shit talking to the ref ha ha) There is always one of those guys. Well Chris was guarding him and he kept being like, "Did you see him push me? That's the second time! Do I have to land on my head for you to say anything?" ha ha Which Chris wasn't doing, they were just playing and that kid was a sissy. I was laughing so hard becasue he obviously had to sit out for a while and Chris got 4 free throw shots ha ha then that kid tried to get back in the game and the ref said, No no, you have to sit out 5 minutes. Thats what you get for being a whiny little bitch!!!! So thats what we have to look forward to every Monday night. The guys that I know that he plays with are Trace and Skyler and they are both really nice dudes. I know Chris misses playing b ball as much as he used to. But after his injury in high school and then health problems during college ball, he has decided to just play for recreation.

I decided I would find a basketball pic to put in here but then I thought... I could look on Deseret News archives and find actual pics of him, so I did and he was quite the baller so there were lots!! Here is a little photo album of Chris' high school b ball years. He looked a lot learpier then ha ha He would kill me if he knew I did this muah ha ha!!!

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