Thursday, June 28, 2007

Girls camp

I was "lucky" enough to get the calling of "Camp Director". Oh boy. ha ha No it is fun to work with the girls but I am not looking forward to going up to camp. It is July 18-21. Luckily I have to work and my vacation time doesn't kick in until August 1st so I only have to sleep over one night. :) The girls are sweethearts. Our ward is really interesting, most of the girls come from single mom homes and don't come to church very often. We are lucky to have 10 girls going to camp. They love the activities and such but aren't at church a lot. I am glad that the leaders can be examples to them, because some of them have a hard time at home and we care about the girls a lot! They need that love and support.

The biggest thing I am struggling with is the presidency because they are not organized WHATSOEVER!! So I got put in a couple weeks ago and nothing was done for camp yet except for what the stake had forced them to do. So now I am srambling to get everything ready and buy all the supplies and plan all the activities to get us ready to go... Isn't that my luck!!

Anyway, that is what my last couple of nights have been filled with. Oh after my YW meeting last night we did go hang out with Chris' friends. It was Jed's Birthday!! Happy Birfday Jed Smed!!

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  1. Apparently there is something with our age and that calling. They tried to rope me in, but I used the I don't have time off excuse and they let me off the hook! Good luck!!!


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