Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Getting Started!!!

I am excited to start my own blog. It can keep everyone informed on what's happening in my life and can act as a journal for me because we all know how hard it is to actually write in a journal. Its been a long time since I have kept a journal.... years!!

Well I might as well tell you about my weekend.

Friday- I had a fun Birthday dinner with my high school ladies aka the jugs! We try to get together every couple months. We ate at the Macaroni Grill. It was a birthday dinner for Molly!! Big 24. It was me, Molly, Amanda, Leslie and her baby Taya, Ashley, Sara and her baby Lily. I had never seen Lily before, she is adorable and was so well behaved! So was little Taya, they were both precious!! We missed Kelly, she had to work, but she was there in spirit. :)

Saturday- Chris and I went boating with our friends on Pineview! Some of his friends went in on a boat so we went up with John and Stacy aka Snigga, Laura, and Trace and we were on the stinking lake all day!! It was so much fun, we relaxed, swam, wakeboarded and had a great time. I of course lathered up in the sun screen but Chris forgot or something and got burnt to a crisp. He was miserable for the rest of the weekend... he will remember sunscreen next time!!

Sunday- church!! Then I went down to the Utah Arts Festival with Ali and Jeanette. We had a lot of fun! We watched the Ririe-Woodbury dancers, looked at all the booths, and watched a fashion show with a lot of little kids who have huge eating disorders. But it was pretty cool, it was a rock and roll Alice and Wonderland theme. Every now and then I think everybody feels like they might be fine with looking like the kids with long legs and an eating disorder ha ha

That is all for now but here are a couple cute pics of us at the Arts Festival!

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