Monday, October 1, 2012

LivFit Clothing

A few months ago I found this cute new fitness clothing company call LivFit.  I was excited about it being local and offering something cute, new options for workout gear.  I contacted them and was going to do a home party but after a couple months of planning and waiting for them to get more inventory in they contacted me and said they needed to cancel my party :(  I was bummed and so were they but being a new company they have had a hard time keeping things in stock and may not be doing home parties anymore.  The only good thing that came out of this is that they offered me a free fitness top since they had to cancel my party.  That was very nice of them! 

I wanted to let you guys know that if you were interested in coming to the party then you should still go to the website and order some cute fitness clothes, because I know that having a new outfit makes me extra motivated to go to the gym ha ha!  Here is the top they sent me.  I really like it!  I haven't seen anything like this style before and it fit well.  I have a very long torso so it could be about an inch or so longer for me but it would be perfect for most other people.  Check them out!

(I took this Saturday morning before going to Zumba so don't look too close.. obviously I don't get dolled up for the gym. Also sorry for the high-quality iphone photos)

Here are a couple other cute things from the website.


  1. My daughter found the Liv Fit website and loved the bras and scoop tops. I want to order her some for Christmas, but I was concerned with the return policy stating returns must be within 14 days. If something doesn't fit her correctly, it would be difficult to return within 14 days since this will be a Christmas gift. I could not find a phone number anywhere on the website to contact them. How did you contact them? Thanks! KW

    1. I actually emailed them the first time but it doesn't look like they have an email listed anymore. So Facebook looks to be the best way to contact them. Here is the link- Good luck :)


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