Monday, June 11, 2012

Lola's First Dance Recital

My little dancing princess had her first recital this Saturday.  She had 4 routines (which in turn means 4 costume changes, which equals a lot of running around for me!)- 2 for her tumbling class and 2 for her dance class.  It was pretty precious to see her do some somersaults, walk across the short balance beam, and do some straddle jumps on the mini-trampoline.  For her dance routines she did pretty well at following her teachers instruction but during her second dance, she started playing with her tu-tu and looking under it and then started chatting with a friend.  It was hilarious, everyone was laughing.  I will love showing her that video as she gets older!

She went to Starstruck Studios this year and had a lot of fun.  I think we are going to put her in a different dance school this next fall because the preschool she is attending is also a dance studio (Shaw Dance) and they seem to be a little more disciplined.  I really want her to get a good foundation in the basics, terminology, and technique of dance.  This should be a good change for her :) 

Here are some cute pics of her on Saturday!

In one of her tumbling costumes

Chris's folks then my folks and 2 of my little bros with the crazy lady!

During dress rehearsal

1 of her cute dance costumes!
It brought back so many good memories to see her performing and love being on stage.  I feel like I am getting old now that I am the dance mom and people aren't coming to watch me perform!  I hope she enjoys dancing as much as I did.

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