Monday, February 6, 2012

The Treehouse Museum

We had so much fun the other weekend.  We went to the Tree House Museum in Ogden with my friend Jess and her 2 kids.  The kids ran around (Owen crawled) and wanted to see everything!  Lola probably could have stayed longer but she started getting hungry and my arms were going to fall off from carrying around a 27 lb baby for a couple hours or so... It was so much fun and luckily Jess brought her camera and snapped away the whole time we were there.

Here is some of our day :)

Lola LOVED the nursery and kept wrapping up the babies, weighing them, rocking them and listening to their heart beats.  It was precious.

See, Owen crawling around, what a cutie!

The babies

Lola making a feather necklace

Comparing baby hands.  Owens were a whole knuckle bigger.  It is hard to make babies keep their fingers straight ;)

Mommy and Owen

Look at those baby blues

Lola running around

We have to get Jess' other handsome little guy in here as well.

If you live in the North Davis county or Weber county area, you should check this place out!  Plus until the end of February the yearly family passes are on sale for $20 off!  Which is such a steal!

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  1. Looks like so much fun! Owen and his friend are so cute! They both have such cute cheeks! Lola practically like a 14 year old, what a big girl.

    We got a pass too, it's SUCH a good deal. We'll have to go together sometime. Sophie likes Discovery Gateway better, but it's nice having the Treehouse be so close.

    You look great too Dari. I love your hair.


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