Tuesday, February 14, 2012


I love Pinterest for many reasons but one of my favorite uses for it is to help me find cute outfit ideas for work and play.  I have started taking photos of the outfits I gained the inspiration from and then my interpretation of that outfit.  It has been a lot of fun!  This will be a new feature on the good ole blog called "PINspired".  I may branch out to include DIY projects and other things as well.  The options are endless!  So here is my first go at it.


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My outfit- {I wish my dress were a touch shorter}


  1. It is a reason I love pinterest as well, but I have no motivation to actually put it in motion. Bah, one day I hope my fashion comes back to me. You can go shopping for me anytime! Keep the outfit to shares(or pinterest inspiration) posts coming, I appreciate them!

  2. That is amazing!! You look so cute!

  3. I absolutely love the yellow tights, and have to go get me a pair now! You are so good to recreate these looks! I usually find them on Pinterest and love them, but think I could never pull it off! You inspire me...off to my closet :)


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