Monday, September 19, 2011

Music Monday- Thursday (newish)

As you know I love Thursday and have for a long time.  However, I judged this album harshly at first because of its more mellow nature and didn't give it much of a chance.  But I had a change of heart and started listening again and you know what? It is a great album, different but great. It also may appeal to a bigger crowd with this newer sound they have embarked on.  Don't get me wrong, it still has the Thursday sound and emotion but it is less tortured and there is less screaming.  {there are still a couple of songs that incorporate screaming- no worries}  I know a lot of the older fans, like myself, that have said they don't like that "No Devolucion" is so far out of range from what Thursday normally does. But you have to respect a band that is willing to take a chance and move forward and progress with a new sound.  No Devolucion which essentially means, "no return" says exactly what this album is doing.  It is going into new, uncharted territory for them and it was a huge risk that they can't return from.  They put this album out for the world to hear and risked losing a lot of their base fans because of it.  But obviously they felt strongly enough to go through with it and have confidence in the album.  I whole-heartedly agree with what this following review says:

"This record is smart, mature and adventurous; an epic showcase of what this band is truly capable of accomplishing. No Devolucion is sharp, heady atmospherics amidst a sea of muddled noises and effects that does not lack a discernable crunch, a sort of breathtaking noise that would make even the Deftones smile, one done to the absolute grandiose hilt. The label art-rock could possibly be floated in the ethers to describe No Devolucion, though the difference between this release and many of its pretentious ilk is that this sound is real and far from convoluted." -Brian Campbell from

The style of this video is another favorite of mine.  Chris showed me a great projection video a few months back that I loved.  So I was excited to see that they had asked these same artists to create this music video with them.

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