Monday, September 19, 2011

Beauty Products #2

This post is all about make-up.  I am a little pickier about my make-up because I used to use the cheaper stuff and then upgraded to MAC and have seen the difference it makes.  Believe me, it is a BIG difference.  So here we go. {Obviously, I am no pro.  These are simply my opinions and the experiences I have had as a run-of-the-mill consumer.}

It is great for under the eyes and covering 'unsightly blemishes', I love that phrase ha ha
 Studio Finish SPF 35 Concealer

I am not a fan of all-over-the-face foundation personally, so I opt for the powder that has a light foundation in it- MAC Studio Fix Powder Plus Foundation.  This gives me a nice, light cover and finish then I don't feel like I have a pound of make-up caked on my face.  {no offense- foundation is great when used correctly, I just personally don't like it}  Also important, if you don't apply with a brush then you need to replace the sponge fairly often.  I usually buy 4 replacement sponges, AT LEAST, when I buy a new compact of powder.  They can collect bacteria and can get face oils on them which can mess up your powder and make you break out.

 Studio Fix Powder Plus Foundation

Next I do my eyes which starts out with this amazing product, called "Paints" which essentially is an eye foundation.  I use the color "Bare Canvas".  Seriously, this stuff is the shiz!  It makes your eyeshadow and liner stay on all day long and look like you just put it on.  I very rarely touch up my make-up after putting it on in the morning.  I apply all the eye products listed with MAC brushes as well and use MAC Brush Cleanser to clean them every so often.


Next comes eye shadow, I use assorted colors of MAC Eye Shadow .  Their shadow covers well and you don't have to use tons of it to make it show up and look even.  Hence, you don't have to buy it very often... unless you want to, because getting new colors is fun too!

 Eye Shadow

Next is eye liner time.  I actually use a little trick that I learned at the MAC counter when I got my make-up done there.  You use your smallest angle brush and a dark eye shadow and voila, eyeliner.  You can wet the brush if you want a darker line.  Embark is the color I currently use for my eye liner, seen below.

 Eye Shadow

Next is mascara, guess what, I am kind of ghetto when it comes to mascara and I buy whatever sounds good at the time when I am at the grocery store.  That is right, I don't use MAC mascara.  I used to use Avon that my mom would buy all the time and let me take and it was great, I loved it.  It was "Wash-Off Water Proof Mascara".  It was perfect because it didn't smear when you got it wet but it would wash off at night without tearing all your eyelashes out.  But my mom doesn't really order Avon anymore so I just get grocery store stuff and to tell you the truth, I haven't been very impressed with any of it.  So I think I may just go to MAC and see what they suggest for my little stubby lashes and go from there.

I promise it doesn't take me 5 hours to do my make-up.  I have a routine down and it takes me 15 minutes tops and maybe not even that long most days.  I am one of those people that doesn't like leaving the house without "my face on", so make up is important to me and I think it is fun trying out new colors and new techniques. 

What do you guys like to use?

Do you have a bunch of products, like I do, or do you like to keep it simple and only use certain products when you go out on a date or something?


  1. I too have a love affair with MAC. I use their shadestick in Penny, similar to the primer stuff you use for you eyes, only it's in a stick form. LOVE it. I use Sketch (dark purple, really brings out the blue in my eyes) for my eyeliner. I don't think I will ever go back to using a pencil EVER. Applying eyeliner with a brush is the only way to go. As for mascara, I don't use it. I should, but don't. I haven't been impressed by any mascara.

  2. Dari, the BEST mascara ever is MACs fibre rich lash. I used to use all mac products and store mascara too. Until I tried this stuff. It makes all the difference in the world! O recommend getting their primer and the mascara or sometimes I just use a cheap mascara on first then apply the fibre rich lash. It's the best! Just my opinion :)

  3. I have never been to MAC but think I've heard of it. I am kind of a clinque-snob, surprisingly, because I am probably one of the cheapest gals you'll ever meet. I don't wear foundation or powder. I use neutrogena clean foundation and just put it on my unsightly blemishes as needed, or not at all if I don't. I use cheap-o mascara, I don't even know the brand. Some brand found at Target for around $6 bucks. I use either clinique powder eyeshadow (Beach Plum) or mary kay eyeshadow that is kinda liquidey so I just squeeze it out on my finger and apply it (that's why I love it!). I use clinque eyeliner because it glides on really well. I'm pretty plain...

  4. Lately my make up routine is rather boring/lazy. Maybelline Mascara and some concealer under my eyes. :) I am a lazy girl.

    But I will say, face wipes are a must have for me, I hate washing my face if I'm not in the shower, so face wipes are my go to item!

  5. I use all mac makeup too except for mascara- it's just too expensive for how often you need more!


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