Monday, August 29, 2011

Busy and Exciting Week

I have fallen off the blogging wagon again.  This is a reoccurring theme for me lately.  My apologies... This week here are some of the things on my agenda.
  • Finish Brooke's wedding veil.  She is one of my best buddies that I went to school with from Jr. High on and in October she is getting married in Vegas and I am so excited.  She will be in town this weekend so I need to have her veil to her so she can try it on and make sure she likes it so she can take it while she is here.  (these things always make me a little nervous...)
  • I need to clean my whole house and prepare for Lola's 3rd Birthday party!!!  Can you believe it?? My baby girl is going to be 3 years old!! But if you ask her how old she will be chances are she won't tell you 3.  Answers I have received so far have been- 2, 3, 4, 45.  It depends on the day.
  • Finish birthday present shopping, get the party supplies and cake ordered.
  • Then I need to pack because we are off to Payson for the weekend!  You know what Labor Day means in Payson right?!  ONION DAYS, boo ya!  Which incidentally coinsides with my 10 year High School reunion.  Which I am not attending.  The hubby pretty much told me that is the last place in the world he would like to be and I don't have a desire to go either.  So we are ditching out.  I figure that the people I would like to stay in touch with, I still do through Facebook and real-life means. (is that a bad attitude to have?)
  • We are going to have a second Birthday party for Lola while we are in Payson with my family, it should be lots of fun!  Lola is one lucky girl to have so many people around her that love her so much!
  • I also have a bunch of laundry I need to do.
  • Go to work...
  • Last but not least love on my hubby and kids.  I hope I have time in between everything to have fun with them!
Here are some of the fun things Lola will be getting for her Birthday!  I love shopping for little kids.  Their clothes and toys are so much fun to pick out!!


  1. Amen about the reunion. I feel the same way! I'd much rather be with my little family at Onion Days!

  2. Happy Birthday Lola girl!! Can't wait to see pictures of the party!


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