Monday, July 11, 2011

Music Monday- Pete Yorn (remember him?)

Oh Pete Yorn, I just love you.  I have many, many college memories tied to his words and melodies.  He would definitely be included in the soundtrack to "True Life: The College Years" for me.  (side note- I should make that soundtrack sometime for fun!)  I love the style of his music- laid back, lovey, simple, and a little somber at times... and he is good looking to boot.  I don't like his later albums as much but his album, 'Music For The Morning After' spoke to my soul.  Have a listen, if you will.  Just skip to 1:00 to get to the music.

(I just looked to see what Pete was up to now-a-days and apparently he released an album in Sept of 2010, self-titled.  So check it out if you want, I think I will.)

"On Your Side"

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