Monday, July 25, 2011

Baby in the Grass

This weekend we (Owen and I) had the pleasure of accompanying my sister to her bridal session, along with my mom and my aunt Heather (the photographer).  Nicole had them taken at my aunt's mother-in-law's house (read: mansion/estate).  They were beautiful and my sis is gorgeous.  I can't wait till I can share some with all of you!  But in the meantime here is what Owen and I did during the shoot.

I wore him in his Beco a lot of the time.

Owen was just relaxing in the grass and playing with his hands.  He was the happiest, sweetest guy per usual.

We had a fun 5 days at my parents throwing and going to showers for my sister's wedding (I didn't take any pics of the one my mom and I threw her and I am kicking myself), going to dinner with the family, watching the Real Housewives of NY and NJ, all the boys going to the ReAL game, and just relaxing.  I hope you all had a fun weekend and a great 'Pioneer Day' if you live in Utah!

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  1. Love that little guy, he is so cute! I'm glad you're liking your Beco!


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