Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Owen's Blessing

We blessed baby Owen on Saturday, April 9th at my parents house in Payson.  It went perfectly.  We kept it small and simple.  We have so much family on both my mom and dad's sides that I knew it would be overwhelming to try and get everyone into my parents house... and imagine the blessing circle!  It would have been so great to have all of our sweet family members there but this we thought would be a little less stressful.  We invited the grandparents and great grandparents and a few friends and the blessing was beautiful.  I feel so lucky to have another sweet baby to love and share this life {and eternity} with.  Here are some pics from our day.  P.S.  We are a family of 4, wow.  I am still getting used to that.  Every now and then I look at Lola and Owen and think, I can't believe I have 2 kids!  I feel old sometimes... don't worry, I know that I'm not, yet.

Thanks to everyone that came and helped to make our day extra special!

 Jeb, Molly and their baby Ahnika, Ashley, Josh and Megan holding Ashley's baby Scarlet.
 Baby Chloe, Amanda's baby, she is below in the yellow
 My mom and Owen
 Grandpa and Grandma Gordon, my dad's parents
 Sean and Nicole (my sis and her man)
 My bro's and the eternal handshake ha ha- Rhett, Ryker and RoLee

 My siblings- Nicole gets picked on because she is under 5'9", yes all my bro's are taller than me too now!
 My friends Amanda (her baby Jaxon) and Meagan
 Bishop Wolf and his wife Sara or as we so affectionately call them, "The Woof's".
 Lola and Taya (Leslie's daughter, who I just realized I didn't get a picture of... that sneakster!)
 That's better :)  Lola LOVES Taya and always says, "I need to see my Taya".  They hold hands almost the whole time they are together.  Too cute!
 Chris's parents- Mike and Betsy and of course cute baby Owen
 A few shots of sweet Owen in his cute blessing outfit

 Finally a picture that shows his "baby blues"


  1. His blessing was so nice, thanks for having us, Owen is just adorable:)

  2. What a nice little gathering, love the pictures - you're fam is so cute! A family of four, wow, that is so crazy to think about, I can't even imagine.

    You are a great mama.

  3. What a fun day for your cute little fam! Glad to see a pic of Nicole's man too. They make a cute couple!


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