Tuesday, April 5, 2011

One Day Without....

Sadly, I was working today and couldn't fully participate in this. (I do go barefoot around the office a bit anyway but now that I am not pregnant, it may be less ok ha ha)  You all know how I love Toms, I am sporting my gold sparklies today to show my support in some way.  I love the concept behind this and I love that when you buy a pair Toms they give a pair to a child in need.  Totally justifies the price, which isn't that bad in the first place.  If you would like, maybe you could go barefoot for the rest of the day in support of this cause.  I love being barefoot anyway!  If you don't own a pair of TOMS already, you should, they are comfy and cute and help children in need.


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  2. Okay, so I have been wanting to get me a pair of these for awhile because they look so comfortable! I, however, have a hard time ordering shoes online. Would you say they are pretty true to size?


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