Monday, November 8, 2010

Wow, I was a terrible blogger last week.  I think I had a little bit of an "off" week.  I was irritable at work and couldn't wait to be done with it.  I kinda "gave it" to a guy that has a superiority complex at work.  A few people in my dept thanked me for doing what they had wanted to do for so long.  But I still felt a little guilty about it.  I am too nice sometimes, but then again is there such a thing as being "too nice".  Maybe I am not nice enough on a regular basis ha ha  Either way, it felt nice to tell that person, in my own way, to take some ownership and quit abusing and complaining to people in my dept.  I have decided that this pregnancy makes me feel my emotions more deeply and makes it harder for me to "grin and bear it".  But I am a generally happy person, so hopefully that doesn't show to everyone that associates with me.  Where did that paragraph come from?  I am not quite sure but can you tell that I started this post without a goal in mind?  Sometimes those are the best ones...

In other news, Lola has Christmas fever.  These are the things she has begun saying on a regular basis, thanks to her Pawpaw. 

"Mom, is Santa Claus coming?"
"Ho ho ho, Merry Christmas" {in a cute sing-songy way}
"Merry Christmas"

I think why not just put up the Christmas decor and get things going?  It always goes by too fast anyway?  Speaking of which, this morning I found myself trying to resist the urge to turn the radio to the station that plays Christmas music, but eventually I gave in.  I honestly think it made me a little more chipper today and that is always a plus on a Monday!

Tonight we have a Dr's appt.  I am excited to see how big baby Owen is and to see if he is breech like Lola was.  We are planning on taking Lola again, she loved seeing baby Owen on the TV last time, plus she loves the indoor playground they have there and seems to make a friend every time we go.  Too cute.

In Lola news, she has been back and forth with the pooping on the potty, but she did it for me yesterday and I was so excited.  I sat her on the pot and she said "go away",  which is what she says when it is poop time, so I backed away and then she said, "go away, shut the door", so I went into the hall and told her to tell me when she was done.  HA HA  The girl likes her privacy and I can appreciate that.  She is so darn cute!  But she has started having pee accidents, which has not been a problem up until this week.  She has only had a few but it has been a little discouraging.  She still wears panties 24/7 and never has accidents at night so I am feeling good about the training.  She also no longer takes a binky, which is a miracle in and of itself.  We just hid them and didn't mention them and had her spend the night at Granny and Pawpaw's because she never asks for it there and she hasn't mentioned it in over a week or so.  YAY!!!!!  So now I am feeling like we are getting closer to being ready for Owen to be here.

This weekend I went up to the JJ Cole sale and got a bunch of things for Owen and a few things to sell on ebay since they were such a great deal.  If you need a new diaper bag check out the listings.  They are Fleurville brand and are such great quality.  Fleurville is the brand I have always used for Lola and they are great quality, stylish, and are easy to clean.  The sale was crazy.  They were selling out of stuff and you had to wait in line to get it, but it was a fun time.  I went with my friend Amanda, her hubby Scotty and their cute baby Jaxon.  Afterward, we got Lou and went out for Chinese and a little thrifting.  Here are the bags I am selling:

Fleurville Sling Tote

Fleurville Re-Run Hana {brown}

I can't believe I only have about 8 weeks left until Owen will be here!  We are so excited and are trying to get ready for his arrival.   Hopefully I will have some fun pics or stats to share after the appointment tonight.  Have a great week everyone!


  1. Last night I was totally ready to whip out the Christmas stuff but I didn't know if I really wanted to. I decided I'm going to be very strict about after Thanksgiving rule. I can't believe you only have 8 weeks left! That went really fast to me. When I told Daren I saw you at the JJ cole thing he was so confused for a long time....I don't know any other Dari's so there was no need to be confused.

  2. I believe you know how I feel about Decorating for Christmas:) DO IT!!! DO IT OR ELSE NO ONE WILL!!!

  3. I'm glad you gave it to the man with the superiority complex, sometimes people need to be put in their place I think.;)

    Lola is so cute!! Good job for her on her potty training!

    I really can't believe how fast all of my friends pregnancies are flying by. It feels fast to me anyway. I'm excited to hear the stats on Owen!

  4. Ok, now that it is snowing I kind of have the Christmas spirit thing goin on so December can't get here fast enough!

  5. i hope he's not breech! and go Lola on the potty :)))


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