Monday, November 15, 2010

Music Monday- Jimmy Eat World (Clarity)

This is one of my all time favourite albums... Clarity that is and not just Jimmy Eat World albums, out of all albums for all artists.  I don't know if it is the time of my life and the feelings and emotions that it awakens when I listen to it or if it is really that good.  I tend to think it is a little of both.  But this is hands down the best Jimmy album out there.  I wish they hadn't changed so much with their later albums.  I can not get into them anymore and honestly haven't listened to them in years.  But today I heard one of their songs, from this album, on a play list from a cute blog I read and it renewed my love for and reminded me about this album. 

If you don't own this album go to itunes immediately and download it.  I believe it is only $7.99 now.  You won't regret it. Here is my favourite song from this album.  {Ignore the stupid pic on the video, I couldn't find a good video for this song}

"Clarity" from the album "Clarity" (1999)

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